WordAppeal unveils WAtch40!

For the 1st time in France, WordAppeal published an exhaustive study of how well leading French companies manage their online reputation on English-language digital media outlets. WordAppeal partnered with Salesforce (and its Radian 6 technology) to perform the study.

The WAtch40 e-reputation indicator was presented on September 12 at the Comptoir Général (Paris Xe).


The study is divided into two main parts:

  • « ils le font » (what they do): a ranking of the social and editorial communications tools used by these leading companies to reach out to their corporate audiences abroad;
  • « on en parle » (what we say): a measure of the number of mentions by topic from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 (Governance, Finance, Performance, Innovation, CSR and HR) and an overall ranking of the companies most often mentioned on English-language digital media outlets (CAC 40, except Publicis, Orange, and Total).


The study’s key findings :

  • Orange leads the pack with the most followers on Twitter (83,700 followers) and Facebook (7,373,459 fans).
  • 38% of CAC 40 companies that have a Twitter account dedicated to corporate Group news tweet exclusively in English.
  • Although 59 % of CAC 40 companies communicate in English on Facebook, English-language posts are infrequent and inconsistent. (pages feature on average 1.7 English-language posts per day).
  • On LinkedIn, L’Oréal has the most followers on its Company page, which is entirely in English (448,030 followers). Capgemini, however, updates its Company page the most frequently (on average 6.67 posts per day).
  • The topic of finance garnered nearly 30% of all posts mentioning CAC 40 companies. Talk of this topic hit its peak when companies published their annual reports and or had to deal with “unpredictable” events (ex. record fines for BNP Paribas).
  • The topic of human resources came in second in terms of the number of mentions (19 %). NB: Capgemini is very proactive on this subject (most notably with its recruitment campaigns in India).
  • Alstom generated the most mentions on the topic of « governance » (a subject that garnered 13% of the total number of mentions) when it announced that its partial buyout by GE.
  • As for the topic of innovation, Renault topped the podium. Among the most viral subjects, an article on the company’s concept car was shared more than 5,900 times (on.mash.to/MC1qhF).


The top 10 most mentioned CAC 40 companies on English-language sites (except Total, Orange, and Publicis) :

  • Schneider Electric – 56,239 mentions
  • Airbus – 53,616 mentions
  • Renault – 47,610 mentions
  • BNP Paribas – 44,679 mentions
  • Sanofi – 36,405 mentions
  • Capgemini – 34,906 mentions
  • Michelin – 32,206 mentions
  • Alstom – 30,077 mentions
  • AXA – 29,290 mentions
  • Alcatel-Lucent – 28,286 mentions


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