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With respect to any given issue (offshoring, sourcing, social and environmental responsibility, plant feasibility studies, etc.), our communications consultants work side by side with you to:

  • gather information (internal monitoring, documentation, interviews with various stakeholders, benchmarking competitor messaging, etc.),
  • define and articulate your viewpoint (“Bible” or Reference Document),
  • establish strategic messaging (taking into consideration the cultural specificities of the areas targeted by the messages: the same statements are not effective in France as in India, in Paris as in Marseille, etc.),
  • disseminate your message (position papers, crisis communications, press releases, etc.).

Case study: ``IT and offshoring'' for a world leader in information technology


  • Offshoring of IT services is a rapidly evolving reality.
  • The reasons for this offshoring are not exclusively cost-related.
  • India holds 80% of the current offshore IT market.

Main assumptions at a glance:

  • Rising salaries in India will put an end to this trend.
  • Quality is a problem for offshore IT services.
  • This shift will cause irreversible job losses in developed countries.

Our deliverables for this mission:

  • Offshore “Bible” summarising the company’s market and positioning
  • Position paper
  • Content for the corporate website and intranet
  • Press kit

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