The graphic charter is a deliverable that guarantees a project’s consistent graphical identity. It defines the overall graphic, iconographic, typographic and ergonomic guidelines that should be followed on the site. It helps to guide and streamline integration, adaptation and utilisation of the various communications channels. Drafted at the end of a project, based on model templates, it is presented in the form of a PDF document (in print or online).

WordAppeal Solutions

WordAppeal drafts graphic charters for digital or print media and guides its clients in their application. The structure of the final document aims to provide visual documentation of the underlying templates and to explain the creative choices behind them.

Some of our projects to date

  • Graphic charter for the Air Liquide intranet: delivered in the form of a mini-site in French and in English
  • Graphic charter for Air Liquide’s internal publications
  • Graphic charter “Air Liquide Way”
  • Graphic charter for Cheuvreux internet
  • Graphic charter for Calyon intranet

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