Usability refers to how easy and quick an interface is to use.


  • Reduces the duration of the design phases
  • Increases user satisfaction
  • Reduces development costs and time
  • Reduces costs associated with site evolution
Usability has multiple components and is traditionally associated with these five usability attributes: learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, satisfaction.” - Jakob Nielsen

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Analysis phase

Evaluate user needs and project goals

  • Contextual analysis
  • User task analysis
  • Content inventory
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Competitive benchmarks

Design phase

  • Prototypes and wire-frames
  • User testing of prototypes on users
  • Usage scenarios

Test phase

  • User tests

Implementation phase

  • Heuristic evaluations
  • “Recettage”: online editing

Your usability contact: Laetitia Puyfaucher