The French law on “Equal Rights and Opportunities, Participation and Citizenship of Disabled Persons” of 11 February 2005 encourages companies to ensure that all internet users – irrespective of their resources, culture, geographic location, and physical and cognitive abilities – have easy access to all their online information services.

Accessible design

WordAppeal’s Creative Director ensures that:

  • colour contrasts are sufficiently strong,
  • any information indicated in colour is legible even when the colour is disabled,
  • page height is limited to 3 screens,
  • surface ergonomics guarantee maximum readability.

Accessible content

Our editorial project managers deliver accessible site maps and content. In concrete terms, this means:

  • offering a textual alternative to visual elements (e.g., card, flash, video, image) in the form of an alt tag, caption or even an alternative page (e.g., a verbal description of an organisational chart or complex map),
  • hypertext links that are precise and concise (whether a new window is opened or not),
  • a maximum number of links per page,
  • accessible navigation (an organised site map with page and section titles).

Accessible web publishing

As part of our editorial integration services for your CMS (Content Management System) tools, our integrators clean up any html errors and ensure that all fields are completed accurately:

  • Frame title
  • Alt tag
  • Title

Case study: site for a major utility

During the last quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007, WordAppeal’s editorial and integration teams worked hard to earn the “Accessiweb” quality label for the website of a major energy company.

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