Enterprise social networking: open for business

Social networks: it’s time to get down to business. For today’s businesses, enterprise social networking offers myriad possibilities, from content sharing to one-click contact with colleagues from all corporate levels. In fact, a company can even expect its teams’ creativity and initiative to flourish.

When properly engaging social networking tools and platforms, businesses can quickly identify perhaps heretofore hidden experts among them. These tools can also break down silos and facilitate communication between all departments. More than a means of communication, enterprise social networking is a true driver of transformation. And while it can help measure performance, it also serves as a team-building tool.

At WordAppeal, we’ve been addicted to enterprise social networking since 2010: Max uses Yammer (or, as we say, “yams”) to keep everyone informed about the latest evolutions at LinkedIn while Antoine asks around to see who might be available to help out on a last-minute request for proposals. Meanwhile, Laetitia is keeping us up to date on our new “Championing Positive IdeasTM” offer, and Greg is publishing team staffing info in the Manager’s network. Jean-Seb often uses Yammer to congratulate individuals and teams, such as our Elior account team for nabbing a Top/Com prize in the digital category, and Arnaud enjoys organizing work groups, including the recent one he created for Key Partners. And the list goes on…

WordAppeal can assist you from initial strategic development through operational deployment.

  • Identifying needs
  • Defining targets: business cases (choosing pilot communities within your company), launch plan
  • Assessing the best tools for you and implementing them (compatibility with existing intranet, profile management, etc.)
  • Designing the interface, managing specific changes to your existing methodology to adapt the new solutions as closely as possible to user needs
  • Assisting internally with change management: seminars, social media training, learning expeditions, etc.
  • Facilitating and adding value to contributions: community management, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Measuring the new tools’ efficiency

But which tools? During the strategic phase, we recommend a variety of tools, including those currently in use by our clients. Examples: Yammer, Chatter, Bluekiwi, SharePoint 2013, and more!

Some of our recent projects

  • Crédit Agricole CIB: organizing a conference/seminar on enterprise social networking
  • LCL: building, growing and managing communities dedicated to customer relations management
  • EDF, engineering production line: building, growing and managing internal communities
  • Pernod Ricard: intranet overhaul to integrate a social content strategy (PR Chatter)
  • Alcatel-Lucent, commercial engineers community: ergonomic development and design (using Jive), demo video and enterprise social networking dedicated space

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