KCO joins the Pelham Media Ltd. group

by Elizabeth Husson | 23 July 2014

WordAppeal is pleased to introduce her new little sister: KCO Event, a sporting and charity events organizer.

The Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc, the Course des Héros, the Intégrathlon, the Oxfam Trailwalker, the Marche des Bébés, the Challenge Action contre la Faim de la Défense, etc. : you’ve most likely already heard of these events. All of them are (or have been) organized by KCO.

Founded in 2005 by Anthony Choumert, KCO has developed a unique approach to organizing sporting events. The goal is no longer to go "harder, faster, stronger", but to delight participants and spectators, bring people together, mobilize support for a cause, or raise awareness through sports. KCO is thus the leading French sports fundraising events organizer. Every year, KCO inspires thousands of people to come out to events that raise several million euros on behalf of organizations and public benefit foundations.

For more details about KCO, check out their slideshare presentation. Get even better acquainted with the company by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Along with WordAppeal, Pelham Media, and L’Eclaireur, KCO is now the 4th agency in the Pelham Media Ltd. group.

More information to come in September!