When and why to turn to WordAppeal?

WordAppeal’s editorial consultants can help you define your editorial needs – for each communications channel and for every page of these channels.

These editorial specifications will then be sent to internal or external contributors (industrial partners, communications agencies, freelancers, etc.) for content development.

Entrusting the specifications phase to experts is particularly important when there is a significant volume of material to produce, when deadlines are tight, and when many different sources (especially in terms of nationality) are involved.

Editorial specifications up close

  • Targets
  • Key messages
  • Writing conventions
  • Module by module: defining expectations and practical examples (dos and don’ts). For example, for a product catalogue: providing a precise definition, supported by an example, of the difference between a "benefit" and a "feature"

Once these editorial specifications have been established, WordAppeal is available for editorial hotline missions : such as "on-the-fly" editing of content produced by your teams or service suppliers.

Votre contact : Lorraine Goldenstein