Striving for excellence

We work for world leaders in their fields. We owe it to them to strive for excellence.

Excellence is at the heart of our profession: online editorial solutions and strategic web consulting. Excellence is also essential to our relationships with our clients (listening, advising, providing consistent and continuous service).

We’re acutely aware that excellence can never be taken for granted. Striving for excellence demands humility.


Never do today what was done yesterday. Do not consider tomorrow a repetition of today.

Creativity underlines our processes, solutions (editorial platform or "voice centre", assistance in editorial project management, mailmastering) and communications products (rich media, wiki and collaborative online forums).


In our opinion, marketing, communications and management are only successful when they empower individuals. Only truly empowered individuals hold the key to excellence.

Intellectual rigour

Intellectual rigour puts the logic of an idea or a proposal to the test. It is an essential element of ethical integrity.


Since its creation 10 years ago, WordAppeal has always aimed to treat its consultants, subcontractors, partners and clients with dignity and respect.

Cultural diversity

The multicultural environment at WordAppeal makes for good living. We speak Russian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, English – and French, of course!