By info-sourcing we mean the collection of all information (texts, images, videos, etc.) necessary for launching the content-production phase.

This info-sourcing phase is preceded by a design phase (to determine aims and stakes, targets, content and services, general navigational architecture, storyboarding of main pages). Note that the info-sourcing phase makes it possible to hone the general navigational structure and to develop a more detailed site map.

Info-sourcing up close

Developing, in collaboration with each department, content that has been identified as having priority; deciding whether or not to include it in the launch version or later versions; and producing it:

  • info-sourcing: gathering existing information (print, digital files, databases, etc.),
  • identifying targets concerned and related viewpoints,
  • use of images already on hand or to be found,
  • indicating the lifeline of information posted and how often it requires updating,
  • determining an archiving method and access to archives, where applicable,
  • indicating contributing source and the person responsible for content approval for each item.

Tool: the Editorial Dashboard

The Editorial Dashboard establishes the content schedule.

It lists:

  • all texts,
  • all source documents (including images),
  • all contributing sources,
  • all those responsible for content approval,
  • the CMS templates associated with each page.

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