New Renault.com

    by Lorraine de Maisonneuve | 30 June 2009

    WordAppeal designed the site map and communications strategy and wrote and integrated the content of the new www.renault.com site.

    Two sections particularly stand out: the Cap Eco▓ section, which illustrates the Group’s sustainable development strategy using the concrete examples of product innovation and eco-driving; and the Passion & Sport section, which highlights Renault’s capacity to build brand affinity with consumers.

    The results of the first usability tests are positive. According to the ‘e-Corporate Barometer«’ established by survey firm CRM Metrix, web user satisfaction has considerably increased since the new site was launched, with the average score rising from 3.70/5 to 3.94/5.

    For more information, please consult the press release published by Renault when the new site went live.