WordAppeal’s teams are divided into 6 areas or communities of interest.

These 6 areas are:

  • Energy & Communications: WordAppeal’s parent company, Pelham Media Ltd., generates 58% of its turnover through energy-related communications issues. Laetitia Puyfaucher, Co-founder and CEO of WordAppeal, worked on the Politique Energétique Européenne (European Energy Policy) report, published in March 2007 by the Institut Montaigne.

o Your contact: Laetitia Puyfaucher

  • Online Banking Marketing: WordAppeal has helped define the online click-stream of the most prestigious stakeholders in banking, achieving very important transaction results.

o Your contact: Delphine Fleury

  • Online Financial Communications: For the third year in a row, WordAppeal is carrying out a study on the best international practices for online financial communications.

o Your contact: Jean-Sébastien Brégain

  • Usability Design: Combining interactive, graphic and information architecture to create engaging interactive and print tools. For effective, useful and useable products.

o Your contact: Benoît Drouillat

  • Editorial Accessibility: From composing links and meta-tags to editorial handling of images for the visually-impaired, WordAppeal has real – and constantly growing – expertise in editorial accessibility.

o Your contact: Aurélie Delbonnel

  • Baby Boomer Retirement & Communications: How can communications contribute most effectively to the transmission of knowledge and skills?

o Your contact: Laetitia Puyfaucher