Cent ans de haute tension électrique à Paris – Sous les pavés, les câbles: a new book and WebApp launching this fall!

RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator, has recently published a 100-page book that documents and illustrates the rich history of Paris’ evolving electricity network. The book is complemented by a WebApp, available for download on the RTE website or directly via iPad and Android tablets.

Both the book and WebApp were designed and produced by WordAppeal. At the end of the 19th century, the surge of electricity development in Paris led to the creation of high-voltage networks managed by specialized companies. Progressively, electricity became a necessity, and several underground networks were established. Cable technology also advanced, enabling the transmission of increasing amounts of electricity. Engineers and technicians had to adapt their methods and processes to the city’s unique characteristics, such as the metro, rivers and canals, and sometimes had to repair significant network damage as a result of historical events such as World War II.


To prevent further damage, maintenance operations were assigned to specialized teams whose missions evolved over time, from simple repairs to planned prevention measures.


WordAppeal is particularly proud of this new book and WebApp. We hope it sparks interest in the fascinating history of electricity in the City of Lights!