WordAppeal in 1 TU*

To help leading global companies create and manage their online communications.

About us

Championing Positive Ideas™: that’s been our business since 2000. We believe it is crucial for companies today to return to the roots of their entrepreneurial project and highlight how they contribute positively to society at large. We help them achieve this goal through stories, digital and events.


Founded in 2000 by two former journalists from The Economist and a business management consultant (Charles River Associates, Boston), Pelham Media Ltd. advises 25 Global Fortune 500 companies with its five agencies – Pelham Media, WordAppeal, L’Eclaireur, KCO and Alto International. In 2018, the Group achieved a turnover of 16.3 million euros.


WordAppeal is the Group’s premium content agency and the French leader in this sector. It partners with Air France, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Crédit Agricole, LafargeHolcim, Pernod Ricard, Salesforce, Total, Valeo, etc.


Pelham Media Ltd. is part of Les Echos – Le Parisien Group.

A unique position

Digital expertise: WordAppeal has unique expertise in digital media – from UX to interface design. We also support digital transformation projects.


Editorial outsourcing: WordAppeal offers its clients full or partial outsourcing solutions for editorial functions (multimedia programming, editorial platform or “Voice Centre”, webmastering, etc. in French, English and Russian).


Ability to handle the most complex subjects: all of our consultants come from the industry, banking and service sectors. We can help you deliver your message because we understand your business.


English-speaking teams: 29% of our consultants are native English speakers. In 2017, WordAppeal’s team included people of 7 nationalities (American, French, British, Russian, Dutch, Indian and Italian).


Top clients: we are the trusted choice of the management, communications, marketing and HR departments of major global leaders in their sectors: Air France, Air Liquide, Alcatel-Lucent, Orano, AXA, Capgemini, Crédit Agricole, LafargeHolcim, LCL, Renault, Société Générale, Total, SFR, Salesforce, Pernod Ricard.


*1 TU = 1 unit of text = one webpage of up to 300 words