Recruitment process

Step 1: Selection based on CV and cover letter

Recruiters involved: HR
Success rate: 20%


Your application speaks volumes about you. How you present your experience and motivations is particularly important to us. Clarity, precision and originality are sure to catch our attention. A first-class academic background and breadth of experience (personal and professional) will be considered an advantage.


Depending on the position, you may be expected to have specific skills (management, customer relations, web project management). Whenever this is the case, the desired qualifications will be indicated in the job description.

Step 2: Writing tests

Recruiters involved: HR and Editors-in-Chief
Success rate: 20%


A mastery of language is fundamental to WordAppeal’s services. It is essential that our consultants have strong skills in this area. So that we may evaluate these skills, applicants are asked to take a writing test.


Applicants receive, via e-mail, a description (“brief”) taken from a real case (e.g., writing articles for the internal magazine of one of our clients). The texts you submit are read and evaluated by our Editors-in-Chief. Our advice: aim for simple and effective language. Logic is more important than stylistic effects.

Step 3: Interview with HR

Recruiters involved: Recruitment manager
Success rate: 30%


This interview, usually conducted in French, allows us to get to know one another. We’ll discuss your experience, personality and goals. This first meeting is also an opportunity for us to introduce you to the agency in greater detail and to answer all your questions.


The relevance of what you tell us, your ability to analyse your experiences, your mental acuity, and the general impression you make all count during this first interview.

Step 4: Interview with the project teams

Recruiters involved: Two project managers or directors
Success rate: 70%


This conversation, in English with the members of the project teams, is an opportunity to imagine what it will be like to work with us. Your motivation, ability to listen and positive attitude will win over your future colleagues.

Step 5: Interview with partners

Success rate: 50 %


This final meeting, usually conducted in French, focuses primarily on your personality. It aims to ensure that your profile matches the agency’s values. Your authenticity, enthusiasm and professionalism are qualities that should be at the forefront during this interview.

Your first months at the agency

A trial period allows us to put to the test the potential identified during the recruitment process.


Your mentor, an experienced consultant who will guide you throughout your first year, is responsible for ensuring that the quality of your editorial work reaches the desired level. He or she will also help you improve your skills in project management, consulting and client relations.


From the very beginning, you will work on certain projects autonomously. Meeting deadlines, assuring the quality of all deliverables, a positive attitude, and client satisfaction are the criteria based on which we will evaluate, together, your success at the agency.


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“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, Florentin Seux, HR & Coms Champion