CEMS number one!

WordAppeal would like to congratulate CEMS for its first-place position in the Financial Times’ international ranking of Masters in Management programs.

CEMS is an international alliance of 28 academic institutions and approximately fifty corporate partners. The alliance offers the CEMS MIM (Masters in Management), now recognized globally as the leading program of its kind.


In addition to having two CEMS graduates in its ranks, WordAppeal has supported the CEMS Communications department since April 2009. Current projects include the creation of a new graphical identity for print, visual communication materials (stand, poster, brochure, flyer, etc.), and ad development.


In the words of CEMS Director of Communication Kevin Titman, “This first-place position, as well as the individual CEMS schools’ strong placement in the ranking, recognizes our efforts to attract and select the best students, the quality of our academic program, the involvement of our partners and the expansion of our alliance to include schools from five continents. We are very grateful to WordAppeal for its clear understanding of our needs and support in creating a new CEMS visual identity.”


For more information, visit www.cems.org.