Content marketing breakfast highlights

On June 20, WordAppeal brought together 40 clients to share content marketing trends and best practices during breakfast at Drouant. On the menu: coffee, croissants… and responses to the key question, “How can content marketing help companies increase sales and strengthen brand loyalty with customers?”


We’re grateful to the 5 industry experts who took the time to share with us their content marketing vision and experiences:

  • Augustin Paluel-Marmont, Michel et Augustin food products founder, spoke about the importance of packaging as an innovative way to share brand stories with customers.
  • Emmanuel Lochon, Capgemini Digital and Advertising Brand Manager, explained Capgemini’s media strategy for sharing digital expertise, one that notably relies on dedicated channels on media sites such as The Financial Times and Les Echos, LinkedIn groups, and online exchange platforms with Capgemini experts (Expert Connect).
  • Pierre-Alexandre Messner, SEB Digital Project Manager, presented for the first time the affinity content platform “Inspirations,” launched by SEB to reveal its customers’ culinary identity.
  • Sophie de Kepper, Airbnb Coordinator for Social Media and Content, shared her thoughts on the importance of quality content in content marketing strategy, as used on Airbnb’s site, which references 300,000 lodgings. She also emphasized the role that captivating images play in content marketing success.
  • Mathieu Geerbrant, SEO expert, discussed the keys to optimizing site referencing: investing in quality content goes hand in hand with maximum exposure to targeted audiences.


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