Opinion piece
Dec. 2017

by Amandine Lalizou, Project Director, WordAppeal

No more Mr. Nobody: Employees make better storytellers for major groups

After half a century of unforgettable projects, Capgemini had assembled quite a collection of wonderful stories, and the company didn’t want just a nameless voice to narrate them. Instead, it turned to the real-life heroes of its adventure—the Group’s employees—to recall the Group’s activities in a direct and totally unique way. How to reduce an aircraft’s design time by 90%? What method could be more efficient than a moped to carry out 50 million interbank transactions? How to combat a new generation of hackers? Readers can discover all these fascinating stories, as told by Capgemini insiders, at capgemini50.com.

Historical research and interviews with employees (current & former) from all over the world

Crafting the content on capgemini50.com involved several months of interviews and meetings with the Group’s worldwide network of employees and experts. The Group’s own historian coordinated the historical research that helped unearth Capgemini’s most iconic projects from the past 50 years. On top of that, Capgemini tapped the very staff who took part in these projects—including some of its oldest employees who had already left the Group—to recount their fabulous stories first-hand.

It’s a unique way to narrate the Capgemini Group’s activities and shed light on its businesses by showcasing its biggest projects. In addition, the stories are grouped into 10 major themes (Cloud, IoT, security, blockchain, Green IT, etc.) that showcase the Group’s actions:

A one-of-a-kind photoshoot

Eager to join in on the fun, the Group’s employees cheesed it up for portraits taken among sets that recalled the context of their projects. Talented press photographer Serge Picard masterminded the photoshoots, while the campaign also featured video interviews with certain employees.


A kilometer count and live results from the Move50 internal solidarity challenge

Also for its 50th anniversary, Capgemini organized an internal solidarity challenge to get employees moving, with every kilometer traveled by employees converted into donations to select charities. Employees had the chance to share their feats on social media and via a dedicated space on the website. In addition, a live counter displayed the total number of kilometers traveled, while employees could also discover the partner associations and view a breakdown of results by country.

A unique prediction game to imagine the next 50 years

Nothing engages people better than games. That’s why the website featured a prediction game inviting visitors to foretell the changes we will see in technology and society over the next 10, 20 or 50 years. It’s an added extra that fits perfectly with the 50th anniversary campaign’s slogan: Living the Future.

Capgemini50.com also responded to some of the biggest questions we all have about the future:

  • Will we ever see bracelets that can relate to our need to reach into the cookie jar?
  • Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? That’s smart—you should always have a way of paying at hand… and pretty soon your pulse may become the ultimate biometric ID.
  • Let’s take a second to reflect on the second. What is it, exactly? How do we measure it?
  • Is “phygital” an exotic plant?

Designed, planned, written (in French and English) and developed by our teams at WordAppeal, the capgemini50.com website dishes out a vast smorgasbord of content and formats.

And our methods get results: the site has attracted over 800,000 visitors with an average visit of four minutes—a clear indicator of high-quality and engaging content. Capgemini employees love the content, too: Group employees all over the world have shared the stories on social media.

A huge thanks!

Pulling off such a unique and ambitious project took a lot of work, and we could only make it happen with the bold support and confidence given to us by the talented teams at Capgemini, including Philippe Grangeon, Virginie Régis, Thomas Hirsch, Christel Lerouge, Emmanuel Lochon, Parker Ward and many more…