BNP Paribas

An editorial strategy that’s in the game

June 9, 2016. Game, set, match—the new website group.bnpparibas is revealed to the world! The site redefines corporate communication by giving pride of place to highlighting the commitments of the "Bank of a changing world." The key corporate content has been streamlined down into a section of about twenty pages. WordAppeal has been involved in the project since the beginning, and we continue to animate the site with new content. The success of the project is the result of a close collaboration between the digital and editorial teams at the Palais de Hanovre (Communications Team HQ) central court (hats off to Galdric & Isa and thank you for your trust in us!).

A unique editorial positioning that builds on the community’s interests

We couldn’t talk about everything on group.bnpparibas, so we chose subjects centered around four major themes that were treated differently according to the selected language:

  • The Group’s commitments, in particular within the framework of microfinance
  • Entrepreneurship and the #Fintech world
  • The Group’s main extracurricular “passions” (tennis and cinema)
  • A discussion of banking trends and uses… Did you know that BNP Paribas was the first bank to propose blockchain decryption on its website?


Another unique feature: the homepage is organized according to the community’s top topics of interest.

Designed to be seen…and read.

The site subjects were not chosen at random. They correspond to a well-thought out interweaving between the Group’s topics of expertise and the interests of its audiences. Semantic clusters were defined around these themes in order to define the subjects, the editorial formats and especially how and where to publish them.


For example, on the topic of women’s entrepreneurship—the ConnectHers program and studies on female entrepreneurs are presented in the portal, while themes that attract the most female entrepreneurs are on lesechos.fr.


All this animation requires continuous project management, with site statistics presented in a weekly report.

And what about different formats? Take a look:

  • A home page that allows you to experience the Group’s events in “real time”
  • Beautiful long stories, which blend the pitch (presentation of initiatives) and news
  • Opportunities for infographics!
  • Videos created by mobile journalists (MoJos)…