Digitization of Valeo communications

Valeo is one of France’s best known companies thanks to its vital research and important innovations that benefit automotive manufacturers. The company develops technologies around CO2 emissions and intuitive driving. Today, Valeo employs 92,000 people—a number that is sure to grow.


Its communications reflect an image of a tech company that is always striving to become smarter and more digital. Pelham Media supports this transformation across Valeo’s external and internal digital outlets. For example, we helped Valeo recruit future talent through the Valeo Innovation Challenge, which targets student engineers all over the world via social networks, event sites and video motion design. We also helped redesign their main website, edit their in-house magazine and improve their internal communications tools.


Designed using a “mobile first” approach, the new valeo.com serves as the Group’s external showcase. It provides the information needed by shareholders, future employees, and more, as well as a window into the company via an animated slideshow of new applications of automotive technology. The “Spotlight” magazine offers a glimpse into the latest mobility trends in China, shared vehicles, etc. The company’s internal communications have shifted focus to the Smart Digital Workplace: a fully profiled space for information and collaboration. We contributed to designing this new tool and supported its rollout through training, adoption campaigns, videos and more.