Travel by Air France

Travel by Air France, the fastest way to airfrance.com

Air France sought our agency’s help in early 2015. The airline had launched an online travel guide, but the results one year later were disappointing. And yet, Air France had high hopes for the platform to become the leading travel guide offered by an airline to upscale travellers between the ages of 35 and 49. In fact, Air France sees its travel guide as a way to restore its role in customer relations at a time when nearly half of all tickets purchased online are sold by online travel agencies or metasearch engines.


Travel by Air France presents Air France’s take on travel for passengers who share its vision—people who are curious, demanding and passionate. It offers original recommendations that reflect the brand’s values: boldness, innovation, French-style excellence, enjoyment and fun.

  • Immersive content to spark the desire to travel: timelapse videos, reports, slideshows.
  • Selection of addresses, tours and events off the beaten path.
  • Practical information to prepare your trip.
  • Calendar of flights and fares to find and purchase the best Air France fare for your destination.


Travel by Air France officially launched on March 1, 2016 across 91 markets in two languages. It received nearly 200,000 visits in its first month of operation and exceeded its revenue targets by 30%.


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