WordAppeal blows Weave away

Weave, a strategy consulting firm, chose WordAppeal to develop its 2014 brand tagline.

Promoting a firm that’s anything but conventional

Keeping in line with the firm’s brand image as a “bold risk taker,” WordAppeal developed the tagline “Doped up on turbulence,” which aims to turn clichés of consulting firms on their heads.


The word “turbulence” evokes two kinds of disruptions: firstly, the general context of instability through which Weave consultants are asked to guide their clients, and secondly, the energy they pour into revealing the transformative operational solutions that can emerge from a seemingly chaotic whirlwind.

A print and digital campaign unlike the rest

In addition to the print materials created to showcase the new tagline, WordAppeal assisted Weave in boosting the campaign’s virality by filming a video that features the firm’s consultants.


Our pitch: a video that breathes life into Weave’s new tagline through humor and a dose of the unexpected.


The result: a group of Weavers go through three distinct phases, from “calm before the turbulence” to “the adrenaline rush during the whirlwind” to “the resulting sense of well-being.”


This unique staging would not have been possible without the talents of Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin, renowned photographer with whom WordAppeal collaborated on the project, and l’Eclaireur, the design studio responsible for the overall graphic identity of the various campaign materials.

WordAppeal assisted Weave with the following:

  • Defining the new tagline,
  • Designing the campaign’s print materials, including the 2014 greeting card and print ad,
  • Rolling out the campaign’s digital and mobile collateral, including the digital version of the greeting card and print ads with QR codes.