Nov. 2017

WordAppeal, KCO and Capgemini win three “Communication & Enterprise 2017” awards for the Group’s 50th anniversary celebrations

Three is the magic number! Capgemini, WordAppeal and KCO received top honors at the Communication & Enterprise Awards 2017. With two first prizes and one honorable mention, the ambitious project that began in May 2016 proved a huge hit with the judges. The three awards are discussed in detail below.

It was a Thursday evening in November 2017. We were at the circus ring of the Cirque d’Hiver (“Winter Circus”) when we heard the excellent news—the platform we put in place to celebrate 50 years of Capgemini had won the hearts of the expert panel at Communication & Enterprise, winning us awards in three categories:

  • Honorable mention in the “Multichannel Communications Platform” category
  • First prize in the “Internal Events” category
  • First prize in the “UX Design/Website” category

From all of us here at WordAppeal and KCO, we would first like to thank the Capgemini teams for their trust and for the commitment shown throughout this project. These three prizes bring to light our Group’s fundamental strengths—an integrated and strategic view of communication, strong ancillary skills (editorial strategy, UX design, production, site design and development, events management etc.) and genuine service support for our clients on a daily basis (and occasionally during the night as well!).

Fifty years of Capgemini: honorable mention in the “Multichannel Communications Platform” category

October 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Capgemini, the Grenoble-based start-up that became a world leader in consulting, information services and digital transformation in a matter of decades under the initiative of Serge Kampf, the Group’s founder, who passed away in 2016. Starting with six employees in October 1967, today they number 200,000, with half of the Group’s employees based in India. Their clients used to be mainly IT systems departments, but with the global digital transformation, they now include CEOs, Marketing Directors, Chief Digital Officers etc.

This Golden Jubilee celebrates the current dynamism of the Group, its past credentials, and how they have prepared Capgemini for the years to come. The Group has always known how to prepare for the future, and the collective effort put in place over the past 50 years will now constitute a base for the compilation of the Group’s archives. The tools we created for the project allowed us to pay homage to the founder, Serge Kampf, by contacting those who accompanied him on this journey. It was an opportunity to bring employees together and reinforce a sense of belonging in a Group that continues to evolve. This internal mobilization of staff was achieved through joint actions and local initiatives.

Living the future… events, print, digital, video, internal mobilization, a highly coherent 360° platform to share the story and rally the teams.

  • Serge Kampf: Fond recollections of a leader, and a friend, a short film dedicated to the founder.
  • A motion design on 50 years of Capgemini that recalls the key dates in the history of the Grenoble-based startup.
  • The end of cash, the holy grail of customer experience… groundbreaking projects shared with the public for the very first time on a dedicated site and through a small “booklet” edition (with a quiz to imagine in the world in 50 years’ time.
  • InnovatorsRace50: A competition among startups in partnership with CNN, with a live award ceremony at VivaTechnology Paris on June 16, 2017.
  • Move50: An internal charity sports challenge in which the distance run by teams was converted to charitable donations and the buzz around the event was shared on social networks.
  • Local events and a gala evening at Versailles in the presence of more than 1,000 clients and senior executives.

Move 50: First Prize in the “internal events” award category

To mark the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Capgemini wished to bring together all of its employees and encourage them to live up to the Group’s core values: solidarity, team spirit and fun. Through CSR projects to promote education, the proposed initiative allowed for the mobilization of employees around the world, for a solidarity challenge accessible to all.

The objective was to celebrate 50 years of action around a two-fold solidarity challenge open to the Group’s 200,000 employees, spread over 43 countries.

  • Encourage action over five months to clock-up a maximum number of kilometers (walking, biking, horse riding, canoeing etc.) to benefit three causes in three continents that support education
  • To make the initiative famous on social media by posting a as many #capgemini50 on social media as possible and help double the donations

The idea was to foster inclusion among all employees by proposing an activity that everybody could participate in, irrespective of their physical condition or their level of involvement.

Four months later, the project turned out to be a roaring success with over 410,000km covered by thousands of employees, spread over the 43 countries where the Group is present. At the same time, nearly 230,000 #CAPGEMINI50 hashtags were posted on social media with 40,000 posted during the first #DAY (over three days in fall). A sum of €100,000 was donated by the end of 2017 to three projects in India, France and Guatemala to support education.

Capgemini50.com website: First Prize in “UX design/website” category

The Capgemini50.com website retraces the Group’s 50-year adventure and pays homage to Serge Kampf, the Group’s founder, and to all who have participated in half a century of entrepreneurial adventure and business achievements. The website Capgemini50.com is an opportunity to help visitors discover in a novel way the groundbreaking projects of the group and better understand the different sectors of activity and technological transformations where Capgemini has playeda leading role across the world.

Fifty years of adventures and technological innovations were reconstructed using a great diversity of formats and available content.

Key performance indicators tell us that the website has welcomed more than 350,000 unique visitors with an average time of four minutes spent on the site by each visitor, reflecting the site’s appeal and the quality of the content offered.


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