WordAppeal takes on new LCL site redesign

It’s not always easy to find simple ways to talk about such complex topics as investments, mutual funds, the stock market, UCITS and asset management. But that was the challenge WordAppeal faced during the site redesign of sicavetfcp.lcl.fr, the French-language site dedicated to the LCL mutual funds market managed by Amundi.

Comprehensive support

WordAppeal put its expertise to use in assisting the Amundi teams dedicated to the LCL network. Contributions included:

  • Methodology, scope and sitemap
  • Needs assessment by target audience, audit, benchmarking
  • Content production
  • Graphic design


This new iPad-compatible portal is more modern, both in content and format. Videos such as “The mutual funds market as you’ve never seen it” present mutual funds in a new light to key audiences.

A redesign full of challenges

Identity: The site fully incorporates LCL graphic standards, giving LCL credibility as an investment expert.

Design: The site is designed as a portal with a specific section dedicated to each target audience, offering customized content.

Informational and educational content: Practical tools and content help demystify mutual funds and asset management, helping the user better understand the world of asset management.

Transformation: The site enhances the offer by encouraging visitors to schedule appointments with LCL advisors.