Cic.fr: a cross-channel, personalized customer experience

Mission: deploying a new CM-CIC digital platform that helps clients access their transactions, communication tools and personalized information.

1. Challenges

Faced with an outdated platform, both in terms of user experience and graphic design, CIC wanted to revamp the cic.fr ecosystem in order to offer an interface that best reflected its motto “Building the future in a changing world.”

The new mechanism had four main goals:

  • Creating a unique website for all its clients and markets while addressing the specific needs of different clients by offering customized content
  • Improving the responsiveness of the site
  • Integrating pages with informational and transactional content
  • Positioning the site to attract prospective clients

2. Our approach

We came up with a responsive interface to respond to the needs of current and prospective clients:

  • Opportunities to meet and discuss with a client advisor
  • A personalized relationship to provide services best suited to each client (depending on the individual’s financial situation, stage in life, needs etc.)
  • Clear articulation and fluid web navigation between the three sub-categories: Account, Advise, Advisor


We created a responsive prototype during the design phase to help the project team adapt more easily and quickly to a single, shared vision for the site which was then further developed during the conception phase.


Our objectives:

  • Focus on the user and the user’s goals
  • Unified by design patterns i.e. a library of standardized interface elements