Intranet as the accelerator for digital transformation

AccorHotels is inviting its 250,000 employees to share and access information on a single intranet, irrespective of where they work or what they do! The AccorLive intranet portal, along with the AccorLounge enterprise social network launched in 2014, are signs of a deep company-wide digital transformation.

The mission: define the goals and strategy for the intranet

WordAppeal helped the Group’s communications department outline the objectives and features of the internal digital communication platform. To design an intranet adapted to the Group’s audience, WordAppeal analyzed user needs and behavior and conducted interviews with members of different divisions. This culminated in an analysis of digital opportunities to be implemented.


Today, the intranet is an online portal that displays profiled information and acts as an entry point to the app library (section dedicated to Accor Apps) and collaborative space, AccorLive. The portal is open to all franchisees who can access content selected for them, and provides access to AccorLounge, the company’s social network on Yammer.

The intranet is built on four pillars:

  • Be recognized. In addition to recognizing their function, employees’ profile information also includes their expertise and personal interests.
  • Be put in contact. All content has an author “byline,” including news or information sharing on a community, making it easy to get in contact immediately.
  • Be mobile. AccorHotels was among the first business groups to propose an “anywhere, on any device” option for its intranet. Its employees can get all their information on desktop, mobile and tablet, on company devices or their own personal devices.
  • Save and share. Employees can share documents or collaborate on the same document on the Cloud.

Virginie Sido, Senior VP of Brand Culture, Engagement & Communication at AccorHotels, underscores the strengths of the newly deployed intranet platform.

“Collaborative and customizable, the intranet stands out because of its international scale and its operational impact. Whether you’re in one of our head offices, our hotels or at one of our subsidiaries or franchises, and whether you are a director, housekeeping staff, receptionist, or chef, you have access to all these new solutions on your personal or professional computer, tablet or mobile. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to interact in order to boost efficiency, dialogue and creativity.”       


We’d like to thank the AccorHotels teams, especially Virginie, Christophe and Loren, who after having trusted us with the revamp of the intranet portal, gave us the opportunity to work on this ambitious intranet project.


WordAppeal takes pride in its strong expertise in digitalizing internal communication and in the deployment of “digital workplaces”. The Grand Prix Top/Com award in the “digital” category that WordAppeal received for the Pernod Ricard intranet is a testament to this strong expertise.


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