• Go les Cold François !

    by Elizabeth Husson | 5 March 2015

    Parcourir 60 km dans la vallée d’Abondance en raquette à neige en moins de 30 heures : c’est l’incroyable challenge que se lancent 4 collaborateurs du groupe Pelham Media Ltd., 3 garçons et une fille : Anati, Victor, Mattias (tous 3 Content Champions chez WordAppeal) et Edward (Directeur de projet chez Pelham Media).

    Les 7 et 8 mars, l’équipe des « Cold François » participera donc à la première édition de la course Wintertrail organisée par Oxfam, ONG bien connue qui agit sur les causes de la pauvreté, des injustices et des inégalités. KCO, organisateur d’événements et membre du groupe Pelham Media Ltd., s’est associée à l’aventure Wintertrail dès l’origine du projet et en assure la logistique.

    Après avoir récolté des dons destinés à financer les actions d’Oxfam, nos 4 coureurs marcheront jour et nuit sous les encouragements de leurs collègues qui viennent les supporter. Suivez leur progression en direct sur notre compte Twitter avec le hashtag #Wintertrail.

    Run, François, run!

  • WordAppeal unveils WAtch40!

    by Elizabeth Husson | 7 October 2014

    For the 1st time in France, WordAppeal published an exhaustive study of how well leading French companies manage their online reputation on English-language digital media outlets. WordAppeal partnered with Salesforce (and its Radian 6 technology) to perform the study.

    The WAtch40 e-reputation indicator was presented on September 12 at the Comptoir Général (Paris Xe).

    The study is divided into two main parts:

    • « ils le font » (what they do): a ranking of the social and editorial communications tools used by these leading companies to reach out to their corporate audiences abroad;
    • « on en parle » (what we say): a measure of the number of mentions by topic from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 (Governance, Finance, Performance, Innovation, CSR and HR) and an overall ranking of the companies most often mentioned on English-language digital media outlets (CAC 40, except Publicis, Orange, and Total).

    The study’s key findings :

    • Orange leads the pack with the most followers on Twitter (83,700 followers) and Facebook (7,373,459 fans).
    • 38% of CAC 40 companies that have a Twitter account dedicated to corporate Group news tweet exclusively in English.
    • Although 59 % of CAC 40 companies communicate in English on Facebook, English-language posts are infrequent and inconsistent. (pages feature on average 1.7 English-language posts per day).
    • On LinkedIn, L’Oréal has the most followers on its Company page, which is entirely in English (448,030 followers). Capgemini, however, updates its Company page the most frequently (on average 6.67 posts per day).
    • The topic of finance garnered nearly 30% of all posts mentioning CAC 40 companies. Talk of this topic hit its peak when companies published their annual reports and or had to deal with “unpredictable” events (ex. record fines for BNP Paribas).
    • The topic of human resources came in second in terms of the number of mentions (19 %). NB: Capgemini is very proactive on this subject (most notably with its recruitment campaigns in India).
    • Alstom generated the most mentions on the topic of « governance » (a subject that garnered 13% of the total number of mentions) when it announced that its partial buyout by GE.
    • As for the topic of innovation, Renault topped the podium. Among the most viral subjects, an article on the company’s concept car was shared more than 5,900 times (on.mash.to/MC1qhF).

    The top 10 most mentioned CAC 40 companies on English-language sites (except Total, Orange, and Publicis) :

    1. Schneider Electric – 56,239 mentions
    2. Airbus – 53,616 mentions
    3. Renault – 47,610 mentions
    4. BNP Paribas – 44,679 mentions
    5. Sanofi – 36,405 mentions
    6. Capgemini – 34,906 mentions
    7. Michelin – 32,206 mentions
    8. Alstom – 30,077 mentions
    9. AXA – 29,290 mentions
    10. Alcatel-Lucent – 28,286 mentions

    Curious to browse the study’s complete findings? They’re all here:

    For more information about the study, contact:

    • Jean-Sébastien Brégain, Managing Director of WordAppeal
      Tél. +331 43 38 18 92 / jsbregain@wordappeal.com
    • Maxime Rabéchault, monitoring and e-reputation consultant
      Tél. +331 43 38 32 38 / mrabechault@wordappeal.com


    A "New Deal" for the digital age

    by Elizabeth Husson | 30 October 2013

    On October 15, Laetitia Puyfaucher, founder and chairwoman of Pelham Media Ltd., participated in a round-table discussion of various issues related to the digital economy in France.

    The debate, organized by the Institut Montaigne in partnership with the ESCP Europe business school, brought together different actors from the digital world in order to confront their ideas on the recently announced government strategies aimed at encouraging innovation and business start-ups.

    Check out our Storify feature and relive the event!


    Content marketing breakfast highlights

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 10 September 2013

    On June 20, WordAppeal brought together 40 clients to share content marketing trends and best practices during breakfast at Drouant. On the menu: coffee, croissants... and responses to the key question, "How can content marketing help companies increase sales and strengthen brand loyalty with customers?"

    We’re grateful to the 5 industry experts who took the time to share with us their content marketing vision and experiences.

    • Augustin Paluel-Marmont, Michel et Augustin food products founder, spoke about the importance of packaging as an innovative way to share brand stories with customers.
    • Emmanuel Lochon, Capgemini Digital and Advertising Brand Manager, explained Capgemini’s media strategy for sharing digital expertise, one that notably relies on dedicated channels on media sites such as The Financial Times and Les Echos, LinkedIn groups, and online exchange platforms with Capgemini experts (Expert Connect).
    • Pierre-Alexandre Messner, SEB Digital Project Manager, presented for the first time the affinity content platform “Inspirations,” launched by SEB to reveal its customers’ culinary identity.
    • Sophie de Kepper, Airbnb Coordinator for Social Media and Content, shared her thoughts on the importance of quality content in content marketing strategy, as used on Airbnb’s site, which references 300,000 lodgings. She also emphasized the role that captivating images play in content marketing success.
    • Mathieu Geerbrant, SEO expert, discussed the keys to optimizing site referencing: investing in quality content goes hand in hand with maximum exposure to targeted audiences.

    Check out our Storify feature and relive the event!
    You can also find videos featuring the experts on our YouTube channel.


    Reinventing the intranet, the WordAppeal/Yammer breakfast.

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 12 July 2012

    WordAppeal thanks all 58 participants of the “Reinventing the Intranet” breakfast, which took place on Tuesday, May 29, in Paris.

    During the meeting, participants shared their experiences and vision for intranets and ESN (enterprise social networks):

    • Karl Harriau of Yammer detailed the range of possibilities provided by Yammer’s solutions.
    • Sylvain Hudelot of Orange presented the “Plazza” social network.
    • Thomas X. Scott of Carlson Wagonlit Travel explained how his company financed its ESN through advertising.
    • Laurent Delattre of Capgemini showed how its Talent intranet was deployed in 27 countries and over 100 platforms.
    • Stéphane Bourgault of Air France KLM explained why his company uses Salesforce.

    Why launch an ESN? How can a company involve its staff and customers? How can companies get the most out of their ESN?

    Find the answers to these questions alongside highlights of the event on Storify (in French),
    and watch the video:

    To learn more, please contact: Antoine Le Fèvre, tel: 01 43 38 63 84, alefevre@wordappeal.com.

  • Event

    Reinventing the intranet

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 22 May 2012

    Paris (France) - On May 29, 2012, WordAppeal is partnering with Yammer to organize a breakfast conference (from 8 am to 10 am at l’Arc) to discuss enterprise social networking (ESN). The conference’s main theme is "Reinventing the intranet to help employees and customers create synergies".

    Capgemini, Air France-KLM Cargo, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Orange and Yammer will exchange ideas on the following topics:

    • Intranet and ESN: complementary or competitive?
    • ESN: key success factors
    • Internal/external transparency: working in project mode with customers
    • How to best mix social and collaborative tools
    • Impact on knowledge management
    • Impact on customer service
    • Community manager: necessary?

    Please register here (subject to availability) to attend the conference.

    Follow the conference on Twitter with hashtag: #newintranet

  • Event

    Cels’ and Co evening:
    Social networks & new media: have we all become media?

    by Mathieu Fraissinet | 13 April 2012

    Organized by the CELSA alumni network, the event took place on April 12 at the Appart SFR on Rue Tronchet in Paris.

    At a time when the employee is no longer simply an ambassador of the brand, but becomes a free medium on his or her own, how can businesses help contribute to understanding and not try to control social networks from within?

    Laetitia Puyfaucher and Ludovic Boursin, co-authors of the book “Human media: dangers and opportunities of social networks for business” (Eyrolles), explained how the emergence of social networks is creating long-term change in our organizations’ images, managerial relationships and crisis communications.

    Sophie Pene, an expert on new technologies, and a research professor in information and communication sciences at the University of Paris Descartes, offered her take on the phenomenon.

    In the presence of 100 CELSA alumni, three arguments were presented backed by concrete examples to explain the current shift taking place in the business of communicating: • the emergence of social networks will drastically change our ways of communicating in general and particularly internally;
    • the employee: the company’s first and last medium;
    • social networks will profoundly change access to information within companies as well as habits of collaboration.

    The debate was moderated by Laurence Houdeville (CELSA 2000), founder and director of reputationvip.com.

    More information about Le Média Humain

    Link to the CELSA alumni association